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Family Pack
Each Family sized package includes 6 to 8 seasonal veggies, fruits and herbs. Examples include a large head of lettuce, a quart of strawberries, 1 or 2 bags of greens, a pound of carrots or potatoes, a bundle of parsley. Quantities and selections will vary from week to week based on what is available from the farms.

Dinner for 2
The Dinner for 2 pack is the similar but is about 30% less than the standard Family pack. Perfect for singles or couples that want to eat great but don’t want to waste excess produce.

Gourmet Upgrade
Choose this option and each week we will upgrade 1-2 standard items with higher end items such as baby greens & heirloom tomatoes and/or add 1-2 premium items such as herbal tea, soap, cheese and honey each week. Included are our more unusual and limited quantity items.
Extra Servings Upgrade
Add an additional 3-4 fruit/veggie items to your box each week.